25 million dead.

6 years of living hell.

The whole of Europe on the brink of doom.

And one lonely man is responsible for it all.

FIREBRINGER (BOTE DES FEUERS) has been elected for the Skoutz-Award 2019 from more than 130 historical novels

and belongs now to the midlist favorites in its category.

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"There is a town named Caffa", Joseph said, "where they suffer a deadly epidemic. People die within hours."

Zachary's eyes widened. "It's the Angel of Death", he said. "The angel the Lord has sent against the Egyptians!"

"He's in Caffa now", Joseph said grimly. "And our task is to make sure he stays there."



In 1348 the Black Death arrives in Europe. In only six years it will claim 25 million lives - one third of the European population. Everything drowns in chaos. Fearing that god has abandoned his creation, some people convert to fanatic bigots. Others succumb to unrestrained debauchery. The clergy is as helpless as the sovereigns. The very few doctors who take up the fight against the plague find no cure. The mob hunts those who have always been the scapegoats for every kind of misfortune: the Jews. 


But is it really the wrath of god that has caused the plague? Or is it a diabolical plan? What about the rumours that a self proclaimed Angel of Death is sending his followers to spread the epidemic through Europe?



When the young noblewoman Gisela and the jewish adventurer Joseph pick up the trail of a sect called "Azrael's Disciples", a race against the Black Death begins ... and a love that is not allowed to be.

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559 pages
ISBN: 978-3-431-04099-9