© by Christine Lang
© by Christine Lang




Let me tell you about the best job in the world. It’s the job of giving people dreams. It’s the job of the storyteller.

I will be forever grateful to be one of those who hold this job. Of course, it’s not a job as such. It’s a dedication. It’s a passion. It’s a life. 

It starts every morning between seven and eight with a two cups of coffee shared with my wonderful and most beloved wife Christine, while we help our youngest son scramble off to school in time. It ends sometimes long after midnight, when the flow of my story carries me on and leaves no room for being tired. Never stop the flow! 

I knew I wanted to be a storyteller when I was a teenage kid. I loved to read sci-fi stories, and even more I loved to invent my own ones. When I picked up enough courage to enter two of them into competitions, they made for the first place, and I began to believe that story telling might be something for me. 

Now fast forward to me having passed my exams, having left school behind, having built a career in the industry, having all but forgotten my passion for writing and story telling for the sake of being a responsible citizen with a reliable office job. But your deepest dreams have a way of coming back ever so often and knock on your door, asking you to remember what you promised yourself then: to make them come real. 

In 1994 I began to write again. Not sci-fi this time, rather the opposite – historical novels. The first one shared its fate with so many first novels of so many aspiring writers. It was rejected by every publisher I sent it to. So I wrote a new story, which found a publisher while still being worked on, and which was a huge success, selling all licences including the rights to be made into a major movie. The world is still waiting for that movie to be made, but other than that from there on my story telling took off. 

Meanwhile I am not only living my passion, but I can live by my passion. Did I say I am grateful? Believe me, I really am. 

My novels have been translated into fourteen languages all over the world, having sold near to two million copies. Two new movie projects are in the making. I still can hardly wait to start with a new story as soon I have finished the old one. And what’s more – I share my life with the most wonderful family and the love of my life, my wife Christine, who is by the way the most talented portrait photographer you will ever find. 

If I wouldn’t be in that life already, I would love to tell it as a story with me in it. But this time I don’t need to weave the dream. It’s real. 

And this is what I am most grateful for.