Last Secrets

Das Rätsel von Loch Ness

Last Secrets 1: The Loch Ness Mystery


One might think that Franziska and Fynn are just a couple of average, 12 year old twins. But they have a secret they share only with their best friends Lena and Cornelius. They are the descendants of Eugène Vidocq, the world’s first real detective!

At night Vidocq’s ghost visits the twins in their dreams and asks them for help. Vidocq wants Franziska and Fynn to help him solve a few unsolved mysteries.

Their first mission leads them to an antique dealer who is now the caretaker of one of Vidocq´s most prized possessions: a machine to travel through time and space. The machine carries the four friends to Scotland, to the legendary Loch Ness ...


ISBN-13: 978-3833939259

Das Geheimnis von Atlantis

Last Secrets 2: The Atlantean Secret


A new mission awaits Franziska, Fynn, Lena and Cornelius. Has there ever really been an continent named Atlantis? And if so– where was it located? Why was it destroyed, and how?

The time machine is set to transport the four friends to the antique Crete but for some reason they end up in  Atlantis on the very day of its destruction...


ISBN-13: 978-3833904141

Der Mythos des Riesenkraken

Last Secrets 3: The Kraken Myth


Vidocq asks the four friends for help once again to solve one of the biggest maritime mysteries: the riddle of the ghost ships. The most famous of them is the MARY CELESTE. What happened to her and her crew? The men and the passengers vanished without a trace. Could the legendary giant Kraken, the most fearsome of all sea creatures, somehow be responsible for their disappearance?

The time machine brings the friends on board of the abandoned ship instead of to the Gibraltar Harbour. Franziska, Fynn, Lena and Cornelius are to find out firsthand that the monster is not the only danger this maritime adventure has in store for them ... 


ISBN-13: 978-3833907104