the draper series

Der Tuchhändler

The Draper

November 1475: The marriage between Duke George of Landshut and Princess Hedwig of Poland is the most important political event of the late 15th century. If it fails, a war between the two most powerful nations of their time will be the consequence. And somebody wants it to fail, obviously. Or why has the princess’ closest friend, a young Polish noblewoman, been brutally murdered in the Landshut cathedral? When Peter Bernward, former investigator for the church and now merchant adventurer, gets involved in the situation, he uncovers a long ago tragedy everyone wants to forget.

Based on the real event of the famous Landshut Wedding in 1475.


ISBN-13: 978-3784460369 



Eine Messe für die Medici

A Prayer For The Medici

Good Friday 1478: An uprising against the Medici, the ruling family of Florence, fails – but costs the life of Giuliano de Medici, the youngest and most beloved son of the family. While the Medici supporters act out their bloody revenge against the conspirators, Peter Bernward has troubles of his own. His spouse Jana, successful trader herself, seems to be involved in the conspiracy and is to be executed soon. He must find proof of her innocence ... an innocence he disbeliefs more and more as he digs deeper in the affairs of the love of his life. 

Based on the real events of the Pazzi Conspiracy in 1478.


ISBN-13: 978-3784460383

Die schwarzen Wasser von San Marco

The Black Waters of San Marco

Venice 1478: Peter Bernward watches the recovery of a drowned urchin out the dirty waters of the laguna. Soon two more homeless boys are found murdered. All three of them have been on a search list of the Venetian Secret Police to bear witness against something Peter doesn’t know. Out of pity with the dead children and to prevent further murders, he involves himself with the investigation, soon crossing paths with a mysterious policeman and an organisation that offers homeless children and escaped young slaves a home.

Based on real events and court files in Venice in the late 15th century.


ISBN-13: 978-3404151028

Das Spiel des Alchimisten

The Alchemist’s Game

1478: When Peter Bernward arrives in his former hometown Augsburg, it is to mend his bond to his estranged daughter. But he soon discovers that a series of murders has the town in a grip of fear. The murderer seems to be not human. Old superstitions awake, old demons, believed dead long ago, surface again in the minds of the people. As Peter seeks the help of a former colleague of his time as an investigator for the church to find his missing daughter, he is confronted with the ghosts of his past. The dead ones and the living ...

Based on real events in Augsburg throughout the 15th century.


ISBN-13: 978-3404153541

Der Sohn des Tuchhändlers

The Draper’s Son

Cracau, 1486: Peter Bernward lives a peaceful life in the hometown of his spouse and now wife Jana, assisting her in her business and enduring the derision of his peers for letting his wife make her own decisions. When a close friend of his, a jewish moneylender, asks him for help in a delicate case, the tensions between the German upper class, the Polish working class and the Jewish traders suddenly erupt. Then a famous preacher of hate is killed,and the Jews are made responsible for it. The town is close to a bloody civil war ... and Peter, who tries to calm down the situation, finds his little son Paolo kidnapped by an unknown party. 

Based on the great fire of Cracau in 1486.


ISBN-13: 978-3404158096

The Devil's Bible-Trilogy

Die Teufelsbibel

The Devil’s Bible

Bohemia 1572: 8 year old Andrej witnesses the killing of a number of supplicants in an old monastery. Among them are his parents. Andrej manages to escape, taking with him one of the best guarded secrets of the Catholic Church: the existence of the Codex Gigas – the Devil’s Bible.

A brotherhood of seven monks guards the secret of the dangerous manuscript. Who ever learns about it must die. For legend says the book contains the wisdom of the Devil. And this wisdom mankind is never supposed to share, for it will destroy the world. 


ISBN-13: 978-3404163267

Die Wächter der Teufelsbibel

The Guardians Of The Devil’s Bible

Prague, 1612: Scavengers enter the Prague Castle shortly after Emperor Rudolf II.  has passed away. The steal the most dangerous book of all times out of Rudolfs secret collection: The Devil’s Bible. Soon people beginn to whisper about mysterious things happening in the Bohemian hills: old legends coming true, hideous crimes being committed ... and some say the saw Satan himself laughing and dancing in the woods. 

Cyprian Khlesl and Andrej of Langenfels, the new guardians of the Devil’s Bible, must set out once again to protect the world from the devil’s testament. This time it’s not only their lives that are at stake. It’s the lives of their children. 


ISBN-13: 978-3404164554

Die Erbin der Teufelbibel

The Heiress To The Devil’s Bible

1648. Thirty years of war have brought the whole of Europe to her knees. Humanity and pity seem lost forever. Day by day innocent men, women and children burn on the pyres of witch hunters. When Agnes Khlesl and her daughter Alexandra fall into the hands of one these fanatics, they seem to be doomed, too. But then Alexandra is offered a deal: She and her mother shall be spared, if Alexandra surrenders the Devil’s Bible into the hands of the witch hunter.

Now Alexandra has only one choice: to try and steal the Devil’s Bible out of the custody of it’s guardians – her own family. 


ISBN-13: 978-3404166053

The tempest-Trilogy

Der Jahrhundertsturm

The Tempest

1840: Alvin von Briest is a real Prussian aristocrat. He feels he owns his country his loyalty and life. On the advice of his neighbor Otto von Bismarck he even decides for a career in the military, dedicating his whole existence to the service. His friend Paul Baermann is different from him. He comes from the Munich middle classes and is fascinated by technical progress. His only passion is the newly invented railroad. Until he encounters Louise Ferrand, a Parisian, and falls in love with her head over heels. But Louise is already engaged to another man: Alvin von Briest.

While Europe’s citizens rise up against the old feudal order, while industrialisation and mechanisation triumph and Germany fights bitter wars to unite itself into one country, Alvin, Paul and Louise must find their own way to preserve their ideals and their love. Always in the background: Otto von Bismarck, Europe’s most powerful politician and puppetmaster of the 19th century.


ISBN-13: 978-3548286648

Der Jahrhunderttraum

A Century's Dream

Germany, 1891: The siblings Otto, Amalie and Levin von Briest await the coming of the new century with mixed feelings. The first flying machines and airships enchant the people. Levin von Briest finds his fate in them, fulfilling the old dream of mankind: to leave the ground and fly. Otto also has a dream, but it runs contrary to his family’s expectations. They want him to become an engineer, but Otto is fascinated by a much seedier occupation. He wants to be a private eye, stalking the streets of Berlin. Amalie does not yet know what she wants from life, other than that it shall bring the one and only love to her. She can’t see that maybe she has found it already.

They all cannot see that out of the pride and wealth of the newly united Germany there grows an evil force that wants to end the peaceful era – and that it has the power to do so.  

ISBN-13: 978-3548288277

Das Jahrhundertversprechen


1921 in the first German Republic: World War I has ended three years ago, but it’s long shadows lie heavy on the country – and on the family von Briest. Otto and Hermine von Briest are broke and about to loose their family heirloom, Briest Manor. Their daughter Luisa hopes for a career in the rising film business. Depression and the loss of money value make the German people poorer by the hour, and so the forlon masses seek destraction in the cinemas, the cabarets and the automobile race tracks.

There Max Brandow tries to prove himself. He is Otto’s and Hermine’s stepson; the Briests have saved the former urchin from an early death in the gutters. Max feels heavily indebted to the Briests because of that, and he is bound to Luisa by a promise he will keep forever.

Sigurd von Cramm persues his personal happiness on the race track, too. His family and the Briests are bitter enemies since the days of Alvin and Louise von Briest. When Sigurd comes into contact with the most radical of the new right wing parties that rise all over Germany, he suddenly finds comrades in his twisted ideals – and in his hatred for Max Brandow and the Briests. 

ISBN-13: 978-3548289663

Der Jahrtausendkaiser

The Stolen Millennium

Cologne in the 13th century: Philipp, former novice and scribe in a monastery, is ordered to fabricate a little forgery. What seems as a small matter of equally small importance soon develops into a life threatening mission. Because Philipp unintent-ionally discovers a secret that the rulers will suppress at all costs; and the life of a lowly ex-novice and the ones he loves is of no significance at all, anyway ...


ISBN-13: 978-3404143931

Die Tochter des Bischofs

The Bishop’s Daughter

Aquitaine, France, in the spring of 1183. Raymond, singer and storyteller, is out of his luck. He is looking for an employer, but nobody wants his out-of-date performance. Only the Bishop of Poitiers seems interested – but he doesn’t want Raymond to make music. He wants him to covertly search for his missing assistant Fermin, who seems to have gone astray. Raymond is to bring him back to heel, before he compromises his politically ambitious master. 

When the first murder is discovered, Raymond supects that Fermin might be responsible for it. Then he realises that somehow all evidence points to him as the murderer – and it dawns on the singer that he is involved into a thing that is much more dramatic than all his stories ... and deadly for him. 


ISBN-13: 978-3404156412

Im Schatten des Klosters

The Shadow Of The Cloister

Cologne, 1193: Brother Ulrich of the monastery of Saint Albo is burdened with an important task. The skull of Saint Albo has been stolen, the only existing relic of the monastery’s founder. Surely some criminal relic traders must be responsible for the theft. Ulrich shall find them and bring back the skull. But to Ulrich Cologne is a nightmare full of sinister characters and a maze of lanes and alleys. Supported by the mischevious singer Rinaldo and the depressed crusader Jörg, Ulrich enters Cologne ...

... and encounters a mysterious young woman who has only one goal in life: to murder him.


ISBN-13: 978-3404154418

Die Braut des Florentiners

The Florentine Bride

Northern Italy in the 16th century. Lorenzo Ghirardi, bodyguard to a wealthy Florentine merchant, is sent to pick up his masters future daughter-in-law at a certain place on the road. When he arrives there, he recognizes he is too late. The travel party of the young woman has been ambushed by bandits. The wagons are looted, the travellers murdered, the daughter-in-law has been kidnapped, presumably for ransom. Lorenzo finds out that the bandits responsible for this are the infamous „wolf pack“, feared by everybody. If he wants to get the kidnapped woman back, he must try it from within. He must join the outlaws ....


ISBN-13: 978-3404157143

Die Pforten der Ewigkeit

The Gates Of Eternity

The year is 1250. Emperor Federico II. is dead, the Holy Roman Empire in uproar. Only one man knows about the last secret of the dead emperor: Rogers de Bezers, a Cathar. It will change his life forever.

At the same time Sister Elspeth, a Cistercian, sets out to found a new branch of her order in the wilds of the Frankonian Steigerwald. Her aim is to get one of her sisters out of harms way. The young girl has visions that will be looked upon as heretic by the church. And heretics must die.

As Elspeth starts to build a new cloister, she is opposed by the citizens of the nearby town. So, when three strangers arrive, she is only too glad to summon their help. Little does she know that one of these men is Rogers de Bezers, who has plans of his own and who is already now one of the most hunted men in the Empire ..


ISBN-13: 978-3404167333

Der letzte Paladin

The Last Of The Paladins

778 AD. Roland, the youngest of Charlemagne’s elite warriors, the Paladins, is to marry Arima, the orphaned daughter of a Pyreneen lord and sole heir to a strategically important castle. Arima loves Roland from first sight, but she loves another man, too: Afdza Asdaq, the general of the Spanish Moors, who are at the brink of war with Charlemagnes Frankish empire.

Despite being rivals for Arima, Afdza and Roland develop a deep friendship. So deep that Arima wonders about the spiritual closeness of the two men. Their dark, old secret is uncovered just as war between the Franks and the Moors breaks out and makes Roland and Afdza enemies who must fight each other to the death.


ISBN-13: 978-3404171835

Zorn des Himmels

The Wrath of Heaven

„The wrath of God hit at dawn.

It came with a noise as if heaven itself was torn in two. It came with bolts of lighting so fierce that they cleaved the earth. It came with a flood that turned every inch of ground into a torrential river. It came with a violence that convinced even the most stubborn unbelievers of god’s anger about the profanity of emperor and pope, of knight and priest, of wealthy man and beggar.

It was the wrath of god, but it was only a prelude to everything that came after it.“

A fast paced medieval thriller about the most disastrous flood ever in Europe.


With bonus material about the historical facts and the making of the novel.


ISBN-13: 978-3404173976

Krone des Schicksals

The Crown Of Fate

They called the gem „orphanus“ – the orphan; the only one. It was the single most important jewel in the Imperial Crown. Legend said it formed itself out of the blood and the tears of the virgin Mary. The fate of Emperors and Empires rose and fell with the jewel. And in the year 1208 it vanished without a trace ...


When he was a young man in 1204, Walther von der Vogelweide stole the Orphanus for his king. He even composed the most famous song about the stone, declaring it to be a guiding star for all rulers. He couldn’t know that all of his doings would lead to a catastrophe. Twenty years an emperor in peril remembers the stone: Federico II., most beloved and simultaneously most hated emperor of the Middle Ages. Concinved that the aged troubadour knows something about the whereabouts of the jewel, he forces him on a quest for the stone. Walther, who is bitterly disappointed from fate and love, summons his former best friends to aid him on his mission. And so, four very old men who thought life has forgotten about them set out one last time to do what is a knight’s holy duty: to go on an adventure and find his own Holy Grail


ISBN-13: 978-3785725702