the landshut detective stories


All Saints’ Day


Come on! A dangerous hostage taker in idyllic small-town Landshut? As if there weren’t other problems to solve!

Superintendent Peter Bernward has had enough. His father annoys him with stories about a supposed medieval ancestor who did police work as well. His team partner, attractive Flora Sander, brushes him off constantly. And now the arrogant colleagues from Munich tell him to keep out of their investigations. On Peter’s own home turf!

But a Bavarian bullhead is not easily distracted. And when Peter Bernward involves himself into something, it gets hairier by the minute ...


ISBN-13: 978-3548284866




Holy cow! Superintendent Peter Bernward is grumpy. His hometown Landshut is half drowned from a catastrophical flood, and the police is on constant stand-by.

Worse than that is that his partner Flora has ended their private relationship – again! When the body of a well known contractor turns up in a seedy brothel, the tempers of Peter and Flora clash. Their chief has no other choice but to separate them and give Flora a new partner – while Peter has to do office duty. But of course Peter Bernward can’t let his beloved Flora face the perils of the investigation alone. And while he secretly works on the case, he digs up an old scandal many Landshutians would have dearly liked to forget ...


ISBN-13: 978-3548284873