Viking WaRrioRs

Der Speer der Götter

Viking Warriors 1: Odin’s Spear


Viggo is 14 and content with his life as an adopted son of loving parents. When a somewhat weird youth welfare officer appears and offers Viggo to meet his real parents, he is thrilled nevertheless. But it is a cruel trick and the officer none other than an apparition of the Old Norse god Loki, trickster, liar and allout rogue of the Norse sagas.


Viggo finds himself thrown back in time and space into the year 999 AD – and into the world of the Vikings. There Ragnarök, the inevitable end of all creation, has just begun. Viggo is a crucial factor in Lokis plans to stop the destruction. But in all sagas it is told that Loki started Ragnarök on purpose. What is the truth? Why can of all the mortals only Viggo influence Ragnarök? And why does he feel so eerily at home among the wild and daring Northmen?


ISBN-13: 978-3473401420

Der Ring des Drachen

Viking Warriors 2: The Dragon Ring


Viggo has earned the respect of Leif Eriksson, a well-known Viking captain and adventurer. He accompanies him and his shipmates on their quest to find a legendary unknown continent beyond the ocean. There the Northmen hope to emigrate and survive the destruction of the known world. Viggo himself hopes to find his parents there.

When the Vikings encounter a fog shrouded island that is not mentioned in any report, they soon find out that they have landed on a prison. The only inmate is Loki in his real form, who has been chained to a rock by the other gods as a punishment for starting Ragnarök. Viggo has been lured to here to free Loki from his chains.

Can Viggo believe the God of Lies, who claims he is innocent of having started the end of the world and wants in fact stop it – with Viggos help? And can he destroy the chains, when the only tool able to break them must be manufactured from the magival ring Draupnir, which is held by the dragon Fafnir, who hates gods and mortals alike?


ISBN-13: 978-3473401468

Der Pfeil des Verräters

Viking Warriors 3: The Traitor’s Arrow


After some hilarious adventures, Viggo and his companions reach the coast of the unknown continent. Among them are Thorkell, Leif Eriksson’s son and Viggos best friend, and the girl Thyra, who is bound to Viggo by a magic spell that keeps her alive. Viggo has learned meanwhile why he is so special – and that it is in fact up to him to stop Ragnarök.

But Leif Eriksson’s men are not the first Northmen to arrive in the New World. And the one who are already there are Leif’s and Viggo’s sworn enemies. On top of all the gods prepare for the Great Battle of Ragnarök, which will set the world aflame. When Viggo at last understands what is going on behind all this, it is nearly too late – and his real enemy invincible


ISBN-13: 978-3473401512





England, 1189: Edith and Robert set out to search for their missing father, Lord Wilfred, who has gone lost in the Holy Land. When they are surprisingly supported by young king Richard, they realise that their father has actually been on a covert mission. To do what? And which part plays the evil Raynald de Chatillon, the most powerful lord in the Holy Land, feared by christians and muslims alike?


ISBN-13: 978-3473400782

Das Buch der Finsternis

The Book of Darkness


1486 in the wealthy monastery of Admont in the Alp mountains: 14 year old Quirin is sent by his master, a letterpress printer, to Salzburg. His mission: to bring a mysterious chest the master has discovered in the monastery’s library to the bishop there. Quirin soon suspects that the chest contains the legendary Book of Darkness.

There, it is said, the devil writes down all the sins of the people who are in his service. Can the bishop decipher the names of the devil’s disciples? Or will Quirin and Anna, a peasant girl who has decided to help him, be hunted down by the brutal sheriff who works for the monastery’s abbot?


ISBN-13: 978-3473401123